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Hospital Remote EEG Continuous Monitoring

Our Registered EEG Technologists are available on demand for all of your continuous monitoring needs. Whether you need gap coverage or full-time services, we are there when you need us. We partner with you to customize a workflow that meets your facility needs.

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Continuous eyes on your patients for safety and ease of mind. 

See significant bottom line improvements as early as year 1!

With only small increases to your operating costs, continuous monitoring can allow you to bill more per patient.  


"I am happy with how things are going and I am hearing good feedback from my techs.  In fact, in many ways the quality of your techs monitoring is helping to lift the quality of our monitoring"

Assistant Director of the Brain and Spine Center / Primary Childrens - Utah

Book A Demo Today

We'd like an opportunity to sit down and share with you the benefits of our services and to show you the full positive impact you could see for your patients and hospital facility.  Book a Zoom call now!

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