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Our Management Team

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Amelia Mendoza

Data Coordinator

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Darren Hall

VP of Sales & Marketing

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Keith Arrants


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Rickey Ross

Editing Supervisor

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Angel Bearden

Accounting Manager

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Jessica Bray

VP of Billing & Contracting

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Kendra Huffman


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Steven Estes

President / CEO

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Carmen Ellison

Chief Operating Officer

Alyssa Lawrence2.jpg

John Tran

VP of Technology Innovation

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Michael Garcia

Dir. of Technical Operations

Putting the neurologist back on top!

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Our goal at Integris neuro is to put the neurologists back on top.  We are so dedicated to this goal, our entire business is built around this premise.  From our service offerings to our service fees, everything we do is about building your business and helping your practice grow.  We have found that we are only successful when you are.  


"I would like to thank you again for your love that you have for your job.  Also caring for my son the way you have.  You should get a raise or promotion because you take your job to heart.  You're the best Carmen!" 

Note From Patient

"I just wanted to say thank you for making this whole process so easy. I was really stressed and had a lot of anxiety about it before you came. I really appreciate everything you did to make it go easy and you didn't mind my questions or curiosity on how things were done. I really appreciate everything, thank you so much. If you're ever in our neck of the woods feel free to come say hi any time. I hope you have a wonderful day."

Note From Patient

"Carmen, could you please give me your first and last name and the tech that came with you?  I would really like to leave a good review for the two of you.  You were both so sweet to my daughter and she felt comfortable.  This year has been tough and I appreciate y'all being so sweet to her and explaining things to her.  So many times now the Dr.'s talk to the parents and they don't really know how the kids feel so I was very impressed that you asked Lexi the questions and interacted with her.  I cannot thank you enough."

Note From Patient's Mother

"I have known Steve Estes for many years. I have always been impressed by his professionalism and dedication. He is ethical and above reproach. He always assembles the best trained and most patient-oriented team, striving to ease the burden on the providers and assuring excellent care for the patient. I have no doubt that he will deliver the same quality care with his new company."

Henry G. Raroque, Jr., MD

It is an honor and a pleasure to recommend Integris Neuro LLC and their work in the ambulatory EEG with video to you. For a number of years during my neurology career I have called upon Global for evaluation of patients with seizures and other spells of uncertain etiology. I can say without reservation I have not seen the high level of technical expertise and professionalism in any other technical company in my entire career.  I was always completely satisfied with Global's work and I never once had to utilize an inpatient EEG monitoring facility. I am so glad that Steven Estes is restarting Global Neuro-Diagnostics as Integris Neuro LLC.

William L. High, MD-PhD

Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

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