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Full-Service Client?

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*Only available in Texas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma

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Refer Your Patient To Us

Any patients you have who need EEG studies done, send them to us.  We are in-network with all payers.

Let Us Handle the Study

We'll handle the study including: pre-authorizations, scheduling, setting up and disconnecting the patient at their home, monitoring and annotating the study, preparing your reports, and providing you with the codes to be billed by your staff.

Interpret The Study

Utilizing our detailed reports and annotated EEG, you can interpret each study in a matter of minutes.

Maximize Your Time

If you are comfortable reading routine EEG's, you can read long-term EEG studies with all of the tools we provide that will make the most of your time.

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Refer your patients to us.

Our goal is to provide the best experience for your patient while collecting the highest quality Video EEG study so you can diagnose and treat your patient effectively as quickly as possible.  We take care of the entire process from preauthorizations, scheduling, conducting the study, reporting, data storage, etc.  The process really is as simple as either faxing or completing your order online, interpreting the study, and filing your Professional claim.

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We Do The Work For You

We'll travel to the patient's home to set up the equipment and apply the electrodes to the patient.  Using our advanced equipment, the patient is free to move about their house, while we monitor and annotate the study, and while you are left free to tend to more important matters.

We monitor the study 24/7 with a check-in to each patient's system once at least every two hours.  All events are logged, annotated, and in sync with the associated video from all cameras. 


Use Our Annotations To Interpret

When the study is complete, you will simply log in to our client server from anywhere in the world to view the fully annotated study and report to render your interpretations.

It's as easy as clicking on the events our techs flag, and viewing the associated notes and video for the study.  Or, you can simply use the detailed report with all of the events annotated and prepare your interpretation.

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Free Up Your Time

Our goal is to put the neurologist back on top.  We designed this process to allow you to save your time for  more critical matters while giving your patient a top-notch experience without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.  

Here are the details:

Book A Demo Today

We'd like an opportunity to sit down and share with you the benefits of our services and to show you the full positive impact you could see to your business.  Book a Zoom call now!

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