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Learn about our Full-Service offering as a stand-alone service, or a hybrid add-on to your In-House Studies.

Intermittent Monitoring Client?

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Purchase One Of Our Kits

Our complete technological solutions allow for 24 hour intermittent monitoring with video from the patient's home, with very little setup and maintenance.

Set Up Your Patient

You set your patient up for their study in your office.  No home visits required by your staff.

Let Us Monitor, Annotate, and Report

We'll monitor the study around the clock and annotate the recording so you don't have to.   We will review the entire study page-by-page and generate the necessary reporting needed to make interpreting the study a breeze.

Interpret The Study

Utilize our detailed report with described snapshots of the abnormalities and other features of the recording to provide a top-notch interpretation in a fraction of the time.

Make More Money

With video ambulatory EEG studies and intermittent monitoring, you can receive as much as 90% more of the reimbursement as opposed to referring these patients out and merely billing the Professional Codes.

Here are the details:

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Quad Conversion Kit

Our Kits: A Full Solution

We have developed two state-of-the-art solutions that require very little set-up by you or your patient and allow for 24/7 monitoring, operation, and troubleshooting to be done by Integris Neuro remotely.


Our Quad Conversion Kit consists of 4 wireless, auto-switching, infrared illuminated, waterproof cameras with audio, a powerful internet broadband router, signal boosting technology, cooling system, patient proof enclosure, and custom-built power pack.  The only thing required for set-up is to plug in the kit and all 4 cameras.


Our Solo Conversion Kit consists of a single HD camera, an infrared illuminator, a powerful internet broadband router, signal boosting technology, patient proof enclosure, and custom built power pack all with a smaller and more portable footprint.

Solo Conversion Kit

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Set Up Your Patients

Our conversion kit pairs with your TREX Monitoring system, allowing you to set up patients right in your office without any need for home visits by your staff.  If your staff can run a routine EEG, they can do this too.  With one onsite visit from our professional trainer, your EEG technologist will be able to use your new system with confidence.  If you need remedial training for your staff in clinical EEG, we will customize a program to suit your specific needs.  Your staff can adopt this new process with ease.

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We Do The Work For You

Once set up at home with their kit, the patient is free to move about their house, while we monitor and annotate the study, and while you are left free to tend to more important matters.


We monitor the study 24/7 with a check-in to each patient's system once at least every two hours as per CPT guidelines.  All events are logged, annotated, and in synch with the associated video from all cameras. 


Use Our Reports To Interpret

When the study is complete, one of our highly trained EEG Technologists will prepare a report with a detailed description of all abnormalities observed and other clinically relevant observations. The EEG data will be marked and you can simply review the highlighted clips or the entire study at your finger tips.  It's as easy as clicking on the events our techs flag, and viewing the associated notes and video for the study.  Or, you can simply review the reports provided and make your interpretation in a matter of minutes.  

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Make up to 90% More Per Patient

Our goal is to put the neurologist back on top.  We designed this process to allow you to bill both the Professional and Technical CPT codes to maximize your profitability.  With our proven process and documented records on every study, you can bill without the fear of recoupments cutting into your bottom line.  Gone are the days where EEG studies are not worth the money.  Take full control of your business once again.

Book A Demo Today

We'd like an opportunity to sit down and share with you the benefits of our services and to show you the full positive impact you could see to your business.  Book a Zoom call now!

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