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Ease Your EEG/EMU Technologist Staffing Needs Overnight

If you find yourself in the same situation as many other Neurodiagnostic Managers, hiring enough qualified EEG Technologists to properly staff your EMU and ICU Monitoring programs while maintaining the 4 to 1 patient ratios for continuous EEG monitoring is a constant struggle. Tasking your onsite staff to perform all tasks that require "hands-on" in-person expertise; and using Integris Neuro to remotely deliver either all or portions of the labor intensive 24/7 Continuous EEG Monitoring will provide you with the long-term, balanced staffing solutions you are looking to achieve. Open your department to accessing top-talent from all over the country, and you will be amazed at how quickly your staffing challenges evaporate. We take all the headaches out of the process. We believe in solutions that improve outcomes, improve local staff retention, and deliver customized workflows that make for a perfect fit.

Remote Continuous EEG Monitoring

  • Real-time around the clock continuous live video EEG monitoring

  • Initiate Monitoring Requests using a direct dial phone # connecting you directly to our monitoring team

Integris Neuro Solves Your Staffing Challenges

  • No more EMU / ICU monitoring staffing shortages

  • Customized gap coverage programs

  • New EMU or ICU Program? Integris has you covered.

  • Extensive experience in Neonatal, Pediatric, Adult and Surgical Cases.

Customizable Workflow to Meet Your Requirements

  • Managers On-Duty for Every Shift with Direct Dial Access

  • Annotations made very 20 minutes to highlight key events

  • Perform look-backs every hour to provide consistent high quality results

  • Daily Technical Impressions to inform you of the key details of the patient's condition

Eliminate Inconsistent Delivery of Care

  • All patients can receive Continuous Monitoring in the ICU or Beside when needed

  • Increase revenue when using Continuous Monitoring over Intermittent or Unmonitored cases

Tele-Neurology Consultations & Hospital Rounding

  • Access to Nationwide Tele-Neurology services 24/7 for full-time or gap coverage

  • Neurologists are available to provide both New Patient and Follow-up consultations charting directly into your EMR

Integris Neuro Service Features

  • Real-time continuous 24/7 live video EEG monitoring

  • REEGT technologists used to render service

  • Integris Neuro employs REEGTs across the country preventing interruptions due to regional power or internet outages

  • Annotations made at least every 20 minutes

  • Add-on cases with only 15 minutes notice

  • Technical impressions provided for each shift

  • Access to qualified neurologists to read your studies on request

  • Use existing EEG equipment or equipment leasing options available

  • Hourly rates are reduced and predictable for concurrent cases

Steven Estes, BS, REEGT, RPSGT, RNCST President/CEO

972-998-1548 (cell) 877-492-1768 (fax) 877-944-2111 x801 (office)

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