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Enhancing Patient Monitoring: The Power of In-House and Remote EEG Staffing

In today's healthcare landscape, continuous and accurate monitoring of patients' electroencephalography (EEG) data is crucial for timely diagnosis, effective treatment, and improved patient outcomes. However, the shortage of registered EEG Technologists across the country, coupled with recent monitoring standard changes, has put significant strain on EMU and EEG departments. To address these challenges and ensure optimal monitoring standards, hospitals should consider implementing both in-house EEG staff members and remote EEG staff members. Companies like Integris Neuro offer staffing solutions that can bridge the gap and meet patients' monitoring needs. Let's explore the benefits of this combined approach.

• Meeting Monitoring Standards: With the updated monitoring standards allowing EEG Techs to monitor up to four patients simultaneously, the pressure on EMU and EEG departments is substantial. Integris Neuro actively seeks out talented and experienced EEG Techs to join their team. Their superior ability to monitor EEGs and understand EEG patterns greatly contributes to patient safety. With Integris Neuro as a partner, neurologists can rest better at night knowing that their EEG patients are being monitored by skilled professionals.

• Staffing Challenges Solved:The shortage of registered EEG Techs poses a significant challenge for hospitals in providing adequate staffing. Integris Neuro recognizes this issue and looks to become an extension of your EEG team. By working closely with clients, Integris Neuro strives to understand established workflows and adapt accordingly. This collaboration allows them to seamlessly integrate with the existing team, ensuring continuity of care and a sense of unity in providing exceptional monitoring services.

• Customized Workflow for Seamless Integration: Integris Neuro understands that every hospital has unique requirements. By collaborating with the facility, staff, and patient needs, Integris Neuro customizes its workflows to ensure a smooth and seamless integration. They work closely with clients to establish efficient communication channels, align documentation processes, and ensure a cohesive approach to patient care. This level of customization ensures minimal disruption to existing workflows and maximizes the benefits of remote EEG monitoring.

• Consistent Delivery of Care: Implementing a combination of in-house and remote EEG staff ensures that all patients receive continuous monitoring when needed. Integris Neuro's registered EEG technologists are available 24/7/365 and require only 15 minutes notice for add-on patients. Their dedicated monitoring approach includes making annotations every 20 minutes and performing look-backs every hour, ensuring consistent high-quality results. By leveraging Integris Neuro's expertise, hospitals can deliver consistent, reliable care to their patients, regardless of the time of day.

• Tele-Neurology Consultations and Rounding: In addition to their remote EEG staffing services, Integris Neuro offers tele-neurology consultations and rounding. Hospitals can access a network of nationwide neurologists for consultations and obtain follow-up care. This comprehensive service enhances patient care by providing timely access to neurologists, who can chart directly into the hospital's electronic medical record (EMR). This seamless integration and collaboration between the EEG team, remote EEG staff, and neurologists optimize patient management and decision-making.

In the face of a nationwide shortage of registered EEG Techs and evolving monitoring standards, hospitals must explore innovative solutions to meet patients' monitoring needs. The combination of in-house and remote EEG staffing, as provided by Integris Neuro, offers a compelling solution. By actively seeking out talented and experienced EEG Techs, becoming an extension of the EEG team, and customizing workflows to fit specific requirements, Integris Neuro ensures optimal patient care, staffing coverage, and enhanced outcomes. Embracing this approach can help hospitals overcome staffing challenges, increase revenue, and deliver consistent, high-quality care in the ever-important field of EEG monitoring. With Integris Neuro, hospitals can confidently provide superior monitoring services, keeping patients safe and neurologists at ease.

By: Spike and Sharp Finder

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