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How Do Technicians Measure So Fast?

There is no magic trick when learning to measure with speed and accuracy. The simple truth is practice. Develop a rhythm for measuring and do it the same way, every time on every patient. Practice is key. You will gain speed the more you practice. Inevitably, the more you practice, the more accurate and faster you will get. Practice is the key. Here is a video on the 10/20 International measuring.

We all know learning can be difficult and can seem overwhelming, especially with measuring and trying to calculate percentages while holding a tape and a marker. I try to take the stress off myself. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Once you start a measurement, finish it.

  • Do not over correct yourself.

  • Do not stop 1/2 way into a measurement. If you feel like you are tracking "off", start the measurement over.

  • Do the math every time. Do not assume the head is symmetrical. Maybe on mannequins but not in real life.

  • Start at your grounding points (where you can see) like for circumference, start at the frontals and march around FP1 to O1 and FP2 to O2.

  • Holding the tape too tight will stretch or tear the tape as well as create slippage over hair.

  • Practice, practice and more practice!

Do not be afraid to try something new. If you see a technician that has a "smooth move", give it a try! If it works for you, add it to your practice. If it doesn't, do not be afraid to NOT use it. Although Measuring requires precision, there is also room for individual technique.

Don't be afraid to find your rhythm and adjust it as you grow!

Follow your steps!

1. Nasion to Inion

2. PA to PA

3. Circumference

4. Parasagittal (HORNS) L& R

5. Cross T5 & T6 (on plane/ circumference)

6. Cross F7 & F8 (on plane/ circumference)

7. Coronal (CROWNS) Anterior & Posterior

Do not forget your 10% marks above your Nasion and Inion. Also 10% above the (PA L & R).

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