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I am not a Hairdresser, I'm an EEG Technician!

In my last video (check it out if you haven't watched!), I did a bald mannequin measurement on how I measure every day. I really wanted to show how we can let our hard work and practice transform into muscle memory for patient care. This time I want to show you a measurement with hair! I think this is a struggle for all of us when we are starting out. I think it's a dragon we all have to slay in our own way. Just like tape handling and flow, each tech will develop their own weapons to slay this beast! In this video I will show you some techniques I have seen and what I find works best for me. I hope this gives you an arsenal of weapons to slay your hair dragons!

I encourage everyone to find what works for them. I encourage all technicians to learn from each other. I like to learn from others. If I see something that someone else does that adds value to my practice, I take it and use it. If something works for someone else that doesn't work for me, that's ok too. The goal is to create a practice that delivers your patients the best care.

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