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It's My Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to the Integris Neuro Blog!

We wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the Year…What a Year it has been!

With weekly topics related to all things EEG - we hope our efforts to share have helped wherever you are on your journey.

A Quick Year in Numbers:

10 writers

50 posts


$4500 awarded in our first ever Technical Scholarship!

Some of the many Highlights of the Year include:

  • Board Prep and Deep Dives into Education

  • NeuroAnatomy Spotlights

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Technical Challenges

  • And Much More!

Our hope is that sharing not only helps you in your journey but also let’s you see a little bit of what makes Integris Neuro and their staff SO special.

Look for more Tips and Tricks over the next year as well as a Surprise or two!

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Thanks for Reading!


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