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What to expect when your Neurologist orders an EEG?

I’m an EEG Tech; of course, I know what you’re thinking. Like, “Will this stuff come out of my hair?” or “What is that awful smell?”.

As EEG Technologists, we understand there is a lot of anxiety that can come with the test. If you’re getting an EEG performed and feel anxious about it, do not hesitate to ask your technologist questions. We are here to perform your test and make you feel as comfortable as possible in the hour and a half to two hours we spend together. Just think of it like a spa day! You get to lay in a quiet room for 90 minutes with the lights off, and the tech "plays" with your hair while you fall asleep.


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions from a registered EEG Technologist:

  • You won’t feel a thing when the test starts. The only thing you feel is when we are putting the electrodes on, and nothing hurts!

  • Don’t be afraid of what you are thinking. Despite what is displayed on television, we cannot read your thoughts. Nor, can you perform telekinesis on a soda can like Eleven did in Stranger Things.

  • We want you to stay still, but this isn’t an MRI or CT. At the discretion of your technologist, you can lay on your side if it is more comfortable to sleep in a certain position. We do want you to fall asleep and be as comfortable as possible!

  • No, you don’t have to shave your head, and yes, the sticky stuff does come out! This isn't like when you were a child and had bubble gum stuck in your hair and your parents cut your hair off. Just use warm water and shampoo; everything will be out in a wash. Supplies the technologists use for routine EEG are water-soluble.

  • The technologist may use a medical-grade glue if you get an extended EEG. This smell may be offensive and more challenging to get out of your hair. The technologist may use a remover to get the glue out, and if they don’t or anything is left in your hair, try to use something oil-based. This could be baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. Use a fine-toothed comb and comb through your hair. You may also use acetone if needed. Just be sure to use a good conditioner to moisturize your hair.

Still, don't shave your head! I promise it will come out.

These are just a few commonly asked questions that we can help with. Contact the ordering physician's office if you have questions regarding the policies or procedures before your study.

Taylor Evans, R. EEG T.


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