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Who Is Integris Neuro?

Integris Neuro at American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting
2023 AAN Meeting in Boston

After selling Global Neuro-Diagnostics to Natus Medical Inc. back in 2015, Steven Estes stayed onboard as the interim CEO until flying "up, up and away" in 2016 on a 2-year hiatus. Having had a pilot's license since he was 18 years old; he was eager to spend time in his 2007 Beechcraft G36 Bonanza. His original VideoLink patent was included as Intellectual Property in the sale; however, the desire to create and build another organization that would change the landscape of EEG was simply too hard to resist.

In 2018, the business plan was hatched for what we see in full swing today. Integris Neuro was born on February 18, 2019 being founded by Steven Estes and Keith Arrants; who worked together for years prior in the Global Neuro-Diagnostics LP organization. Steven has been in the field of EEG for over 34 years, and actually introduced Keith to the field back in the early 2000's. Keith was a natural and loved it!

Carmen Ellison, REEGT and Amelia Mendoza joined very early in the development of the company and we began our pursuit to put the neurologist back on top again. We’ve built an organization based on ethical business conduct, directed to helping neurologists navigate the everchanging challenges seen in our field. Our mission is to put the power back in the hands of the neurologist and care providers, where quality can flourish along with their practices and patients. We invented the Integris Neuro QUAD Conversion Kit and have hundreds of these devices out in the field. Integris Neuro specializes in enabling neurology practices and facilities with the ability to conduct long-term Video Ambulatory EEGs in their outpatient clinic while meeting all the monitoring and reporting requirements in the 2023 CPT codes. We have enabled neurologists and hospitals to

reliably perform Intermittently Monitored Video Ambulatory EEG studies with minimal effort from your staff with no visits to the patient's homes. Neurologists and hospitals can safely and effectively bring these services back in-house with confidence. Simply set up the patient in the clinic using your existing EEG technical staff and send them home and Integris Neuro does the heavy lifting.

Observing a growing need for qualified and experienced EEG Technologists to perform Continuous EEG monitoring for inpatients, Integris Neuro implemented the Continuous EEG Monitoring division with the same passion for safety and reliably offering the best remote EEG monitoring services. We always take on new clients with our existing clients in mind ensuring that new demands for service never diminish the quality already experienced by our existing clients. Integris Neuro has developed a reputation for growth that is regulated, purposeful and yields the highest quality service experience for every client.

With our dedication to workflows, products, and a record of repeatedly delivering value in every division of our company; we have clients who have been with Integris Neuro for years. Our Biomed, IT, Intermittent Monitoring, Continuous Monitoring, and Neuro-analyst teams are exceptional in every way. Our employees are treated as true members of the team and share in the profits earned by the business; so, everyone is rewarded for the success we achieve. We are passionate about what we do, and will continue to innovate on your behalf to make EEG services more available to all the patients who need them.

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